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    We provide advice and support in areas where data analysis is crucial to decision making

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    Our consultants are highly qualified researchers with expert training for these types of projects

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    We have proven experience in statistics and modelling and extensive knowledge of biosciences, health and health management

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    We’re known for our innovative services that are based on the most relevant quantitative research

We are a consulting company dedicated to providing advice and quantitative analysis for companies, research groups and public institutions. At RS-Statistics we specialize in statistical analysis aimed at the biosciences and health sectors, and in statistical modelling for health economics and others fields


Consultoría estadística de análisis cuantitativo - R&S statistics - Empresa de consultoría


Our consulting services resolve any doubts about a project´s statistical analysis. We focus on study design, quantitative methodology and the interpretation of results.


Data analysis

We perform quantitative data analysis, provide statistical reports detailing methodologies s, and interpretation of results and use the analysis techniques best suited to the project’s objectives.

Consultoría estadística de análisis cuantitativo - R&S statistics - Investigación científica

Scientific research

We participate in research projects, contributing methodological, data exploration, technical analysis skills s and follow-up.

Consultoría estadística de análisis cuantitativo - R&S statistics - Economía de la salud

Health economics

We offer specialized consulting from a health systems perspective, developing analytical studies to evaluate the economic-health analysis of drugs, technologies and new health interventions.

We transform data and information into knowledge through statistics and mathematical modelling critical to research, company management and academia

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“We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.”

– John Naisbitt

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