RS-Statistics collaborates with clients in areas from quantitative analysis of information to consolidation of results. We work in diverse settings—from industry, to scientific research, to academic support for students.

We collaborate in these areas:

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    Statistical analysis of company data from research to production   and commercial processes. We specialize in health-related industries, new medicines and market access for health technologies.

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    We provide data analysis and objective criteria to help institutions evaluate and make decisions.

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    We support researchers in designing, developing and completing research projects. Our collaborative projects range from new scientific research, preparing and analysing existing data as well as supporting scientific articles with data analysis and interpretation of results.

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    Support for students developing their academic projects. We guide through data analysis they need to complete for Bachelors or Master’s degree final projects or Doctoral Theses.

Ambitos de colaboración - R&S Statistics - Consultoría estadística y análisis cuantitativo

“An intelligent person is never afraid or ashamed to find errors in his understanding of things.”

Bryant H. McGill

Know our services

Consultoría estadística de análisis cuantitativo - R&S statistics - Empresa de consultoría


Our consulting services resolve any doubts about a project´s statistical analysis. We focus on study design, quantitative methodology and the interpretation of results.


Data analysis

We perform quantitative data analysis, provide statistical reports detailing methodologies, and interpretation of results and use the analysis techniques best suited to the project’s objectives.

Consultoría estadística de análisis cuantitativo - R&S statistics - Investigación científica

Scientific research

We participate in research projects, contributing methodological, data exploration, technical analysis skills s and follow-up.

Consultoría estadística de análisis cuantitativo - R&S statistics - Economía de la salud

Health economics

We offer specialized consulting from a health systems perspective, developing analytical studies to evaluate the economic-health analysis of drugs, technologies and new health interventions.