Quantitative analysis is a multidisciplinary tool using statistics and mathematical analysis as an objective means for translating data. Data can then be translated into useful knowledge that informs decision making in public institutions, scientific research and business.

RS-Statistics is a consulting company dedicated to serving companies, research groups and institutions. We specialize in statistical and quantitative analysis aimed at biosciences and health, as well as statistical modelling for health economics.

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts”

Albert Einstein

Mission, Vision and Values

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    Our mission is to:

    – Providing statistical and mathematical modelling services.

    – Provide quantitative support in the fields of o health and biosciences.

    – Assist management with decision making based on rigorous analytical information.

    – Advise clients on how to guarantee scientific rigor and a scientific framework.

    – Offer a catalogue of services designed to meet to customer needs.

    – Offer innovative services based on the most relevant quantitative research.

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    Our goal is to support quality research in business, research and public institutions. We specialize in the biosciences and health sectors. We supply data analysis as a critical tool for decision-making.

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    We are a multidisciplinary company providing quantitative and statistical knowledge in various fields, with a specialty in health systems. Our consultants are highly qualified researchers with proven experience in statistics, applied modelling fields and extensive backgrounds in the area of biosciences, health and health management.

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